Did you know?

With understanding, comes the power to take your health into your own hands.

On this page, Doctor Wilson shares information about keeping healthy and how to address common concerns.

Accident and Emergency

How can Lifestyle Medicine help with an accident or emergency?

Age related Health Checks

Health Checks, as we get older. What do we look at and why?

Areas that Health Coaching can help with

Health Coaching can help in a variety of areas in your life. Find out how this could be beneficial to you and improve your health and wellbeing.

Be Prepared

Not just for scouts and guides.

Clinical Software: Your Health in your own hands

Why should a patient care about their doctor’s software? This is why.


What is Dementia? What types are there?

Dementia – What is it? What are the types?

Brief explanation of what Dementia symptoms are and how it can be caused.

Dementia Prevention

What can we do to minimise the likelihood or severity of dementia?


What is Deprescribing and why would Dr Cheryl get so excited about it?

Diabetes type II

What does Lifestyle Medicine have to offer type 2 diabetes?; A lot.


Why is education and understanding so important for a person’s health care?


Why are falls important enough for us to have a conversation about them?


Can fasting be health-full? Find out.

Got Osteo?

What do you mean when you say “I’ve got Osteo”?

Gut Health

What is the “Microbiome” and why is it so important?

Health Checks

What is involved in a Health Check? Why is it important?

Health Checks

Why is it so important to have a thorough health check regularly?

Health Coach

What is Health Coaching? Why is it so effective?

Health Coaching

We all know what we should be doing: sleep, move our bodies, eat well, lose weight, quit smoking. If it were just that simple we would all be doing it. That’s why a Health Coach is a great resource to support us to make the changes we want in our lives.

Health Coaching & Rewards

How health coaching can help keep you motivated towards your goals.

Health Coaching, Did you know?

What does the latest research have to say about Health Coaching?

Health Coaching: What to expect during your Health Coaching Consultation

Why is Health Coaching so effective?

Health Stars

What do those 5 Health Stars in the Grocery Store really mean?

Heart Check

What is involved in a heart check and why is it important?

Heart Health

What do we need to know and do to keep our heart healthy?

How does Lifestyle Medicine factor in regarding Covid-19?

Can Lifestyle Medicine make a difference in regards to Covid-19? Of course, the answer is yes. Have a listen.


How can Hypnosis change your Health?


IBS? What is it? How can you treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Identifying Habits

Health Coaching can help you identify your habits and make sustainable lifestyle changes

Lifestyle Medicine 1

What is Lifestyle Medicine? Why am I so passionate about it?

Lifestyle Medicine 2

I’m so passionate about Lifestyle Medicine I made two videos. Here’s why.

Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine. Affects all aspects of our lives. For the Better.

Medical Hypnotherapy

Is Medical Hypnotherapy a thing? and What can it do for you?


Did you know there are abundance of health benefits to Meditation?

Menopause: What do you need to know about Menopause?

It’s so important to know what is normal for menopause and when to see your GP.

Men’s Health check

How is a man’s health check different? What do we need to check?


Are you up for the Challenge?


The importance of movement can not be over emphasised.

Musculoskeletal Medicine

What is Musculoskeletal Medicine and how can it benefit you?

Nature Nutures

We are part of the natural world and the Natural World is important to our health.


In Australia we are surrounded by good medicine.


How we fuel our bodies and minds is vital to our health and well being.

Osteo: What is Osteoporosis? What is Osteoarthritis?

What does “I’ve got Osteo?” really mean?

Overuse injuries

Why do we get overuse injuries, like Tennis Elbow? How do we treat it?


Understanding pain leads down the path to more comfort.

Pain and the brain

We all process pain in the brain. Why is that so important? Find out.

Period Pain: Normal or Not normal. How can you be more comfortable?

If period pain is affecting your life be sure to watch this video and see your GP. Make sure you are not missing anything that needs to be treated and find out what you can do to be comfortable.

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology has really improved my quality of life. What can it do for you?

Positive Psychology

What is Positive Psychology? and why should I care?

Prevention and Dementia

What can we do to avoid or minimise dementia?

Prevention is worth a pound of cure

Did you know that 80% of chronic diseases can be prevented?


Why would a doctor care about the quality of your relationships? Have a listen and find out.

Sciatica, or is it?

What is Sciatic pain and what can mimic sciatic pain? What is the most important first step that is needed when someone has sciatic pattern pain?

Self Cervical Screening

That old Pap Smear is now the Cervical Screening Test. For those that don’t have them done; find out what you can do instead.

Share Medical Appointments

What are Shared Medical Appointments and why are they so effective?

Shared Medical Appointments

What is a Shared Medical Appointment? and How would I benefit?


It’s a third of our lives. Why is sleep so vital?

Slow Medicine

Have your ever heard of the practice of Slow Food? Well, I practice Slow Medicine.

Sports Injuries

Did you know I used to be an Athletic Therapist in Canada and worked with a professional Ice Hockey Team? My skills and experience with Sports Injuries can be applied to any joint or muscular concern.


I know. I know. We hear about this all the time. Well, I’m saying it again because it’s so important. How to be SunSafe.

Sustaining Change

We can all make the change in a health habit. But can we sustain it? Exactly! That’s why working with someone to sustain change is vital to your health and wellbeing.


Why is the Riverland a great Health Team

The Lift Project

What is the Lift Project and how can it benefit you?

The Ripple Effect

What do I mean by the Ripple Effect?

Traditional Approach vs Health Coaching Approach

Traditional Approach vs Health Coaching Approach what is the difference?

Truth about Food

With so many people and books selling their programs, we don’t know what we are supposed to be eating anymore. What should humans be eating?

Understanding Your Results

It’s so important to understand your results so you can make the educated health decisions in your life. As a diabetic do you understand what an Hba1c is? What all those numbers mean about your cholesterol? Why is my doctor concerned about my blood pressure?

Urinary Incontinence: Have you wet yourself? Do you have an Overactive Bladder?

Did you know there is a simple treatment to improve Urge Incontinence, also called Overactive Bladder. If fear of wetting yourself or not being able to find a toilet fast enough is preventing you from getting out of your home and into your life, see your GP for assessment and consider, when appropriate, Tibial Nerve Stimulation.

Weight Loss Program

Almost all of us struggle with weight. What does an effective weight loss program look like? and How can you start?

Women’s Health Check

What is different about a women’s health check? And why is it so important?