Did you know?

With understanding, comes the power to take your health into your own hands.

On this page, Doctor Wilson shares information about keeping healthy and how to address common concerns.

Accident and Emergency

How can Lifestyle Medicine help with an accident or emergency?

Age related Health Checks

Health Checks, as we get older. What do we look at and why?

Clinical Software: Your Health in your own hands

Why should a patient care about their doctor’s software? This is why.

Dementia – What is it? What are the types?

Brief explanation of what Dementia symptoms are and how it can be caused.

Dementia Prevention

What can we do to minimise the likelihood or severity of dementia?

Diabetes type II

What does Lifestyle Medicine have to offer type 2 diabetes?; A lot.


Can fasting be health-full? Find out.

Gut Health

What is the “Microbiome” and why is it so important?

Health Checks

Why is it so important to have a thorough health check regularly?

Health Stars

What do those 5 Health Stars in the Grocery Store really mean?

Heart Check

What is involved in a heart check and why is it important?

Heart Health

What do we need to know and do to keep our heart healthy?

Menopause: What do you need to know about Menopause?

It’s so important to know what is normal for menopause and when to see your GP.

Men’s Health check

How is a man’s health check different? What do we need to check?

Osteo: What is Osteoporosis? What is Osteoarthritis?

What does “I’ve got Osteo?” really mean?

Period Pain: Normal or Not normal. How can you be more comfortable?

If period pain is affecting your life be sure to watch this video and see your GP. Make sure you are not missing anything that needs to be treated and find out what you can do to be comfortable.

Women’s Health Check

What is different about a women’s health check? And why is it so important?